jsWaffle creates android template project.

(1) Install Eclipse and Android SDK

Please install Eclipse and Android SDK.

(2) Create template with jsWaffle

Please install jsWaffle from here.

Run "jsWaffle" from OS Start Menu, and input form.
Click [Make Project] button.


(3) Import template project to Eclipse


(1) New Android Project

From main menu, Click[File > Project], and click [Android > Android Project].

(2) Create project from existsing source

It will be shown [New Android Project] dialog.
Check Contents's [Create project from existsing source], Please input Template project directory path to "Location:".

At last click [Finish] button.


(3) Run the demo

Click [Debug > Android Project]

(4) Modify HTML file in assets

Look up Eclipse Project explorer's "assets" dir.Here, "www" folder that exists. also exists "index.html" in www folder. Please modify this file.

error ?

Please check java compiler version, if occuered error.

  • (1) Show project properties
  • (2) Click Java compiler in left side.
  • (3) Set compiler version 1.6
set java compiler version
set java compiler version